Clash of Clans Hack

Clash of Clans is a famous town building mobile game designed as well as developed by Supercell. Your objective is simple; to create a successful town. Your tasks are adventures where you will be allowed to fight with enemies and other players. Nevertheless, the game is quite fascinating in its own way, but looking for a strategy guide is required, especially the hack. Below we are sharing tips, getting started guide, information, tweaks, resources,  unique walk-through and off course the clash of clans hack.

Getting Started

  • Download the game from play store or IOS store and Install it.
  • After Installing, launch the game to experience the most popular game; this will direct you to the starter village.
  • The game will start its tutorial guide, which should be followed by you properly & carefully.
  • The clash of clan’s techniques will be introduced in this tutorial. Follow it thoroughly to understand the mechanics.


The primary thing you have to do is acquaint yourself with the assets of the game; resources. These resources enable you to perform the standard features of the clash of clans. You will see three bars: yellow, purple, and green bar. All of them represent different functions which are mentioned below.

  • The Yellow bar represents Gold. You can find this bar at the upper right corner in the game window.
  • The Purple bar represents elixir meter. This meter is used to upgrade the building, making military units, and constructing buildings.
  • The green bar represents gems; this bar will show you how many gems you have. The Gems play an important part in the game because they can be used in many ways; to construct swiftly, to complete anything, to get elixir and gold, and as a currency in the game. You can purchase gems from your Google wallet; however, clash of clans hack is suggested for getting more gems. This game will gradually reward with gems at certain stages, such as completing a level and finishing a task.

Bottom Line

All your structures should be close to each other, as this is the only way to build smart. You don’t need a big village in the beginning; a small village is good enough to protect more structures simultaneously. You turrets will never disappoint you if you have a compact village. Standing army is also required for defense mechanism. You can likewise make many changes to your village; for example, rearranging the structures as well as the building.